Thanks for taking the time to meet the people who make small frye farm so special.


Devin Taylor

My name is Devin Taylor . I have lived in the Q uad Cities my whole life and love it here. I enjoy spending my time playing  outside , whether it’s biking or playing frisbee golf. The most enjoyable thing for me at work is learning practical skills like gardening plants , and the exercise isn’t bad, either.

In loving memory of Devin R Taylor, January 21 2000 – March 17 2017

Danielle Schaffert

I am so happy to be in my second season at Small Frye Farm.  I love working with my hands, learning new things, the science of growing things, and the evolving beauty of the farm throughout the growing season.  I am blessed to have three radiant daughters, Mercy,  Rowan, and Susanna, and an amazing husband-to-be, Kirk.

Marisa Bloom

Hi, I am Marisa Bloom. My daughter and I moved to Davenport, Iowa during the winter of 2007, and are pleased to call this river community home. Born and raised in Central Iowa, my love for gardening was nurtured by my lovely grandmother, Loretta Von Stein. First associated with Small Frye Farm as a CSA member during the 2015 growing season. Instantly enamored with the beauty and rich history of the farm, I was eager to add farmhand to my resume in the early spring of 2016.  Grateful to spend my days working hard under the sun and in the soil. Thankful that each day holds an opportunity to learn new organic farming techniques and practices. Inspired by our passionate and creative ringleaders, Susan Frye and Michael Kienzle, as well as my fellow farmers. Each member of the crew brings their own unique flavor and expertise with them. They are some of the best folks I have had the pleasure of knowing. Truly a delight.

Claire Waterman

Hello, my name is Claire Waterman. I’m 21 and I go to college in the West suburbs of Chicago, IL. I’m studying Community Art, and I love making art and seeing how it impacts communities. I was born in Davenport, Iowa and live there during the summers. I enjoy reading, making art, being outside, and adventuring with my dog, Beau. I met Susan through my neighbors and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on this beautiful farm. I love being able to work hard with my hands and learn more about this earth and all the life-giving plants on it. This job gives me a greater appreciation for this earth, and the people who tend and care for it so that we can have better lives!

Jacob J Stubbs

Hello, I am Jake and I like cats. I also enjoy my new position here at Small Frye Farm. I am originally from the small town of Emmetsburg in northwest Iowa. I graduated from Emmetsburg High School in 2011 and have since continued my education while also traveling. In my free time I take walks, watch critical, acclaimed films, and challenge the status quo. I feel proud to be part of this community and am looking forward to the rewarding season(s) ahead. Peace.

Martin Leyhe

Hi, I’m Martin Leyhe. I have lived in the Quad Cities since I was six. I attend Davenport Central High School, where I run cross country and swim. I enjoy the great outdoors in each of its magnificent states; snow boarding in the winter, biking in the summer, running in the fall, fishing in the spring… When I’m inside I prefer to listen to music and podcasts. Lastly, I consider myself to be an aquascaper (check it out, you’ll find it interesting, maybe).

Chrissy Delveau

I am a Senior in high school. Hopefully, when I go to college, I will be able to study landscape architecture and, Lord willing, go to Iowa State. I have been working at Small Frye Farm for three years now and I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of it. Even when it is hot or chilly, it has been enjoyable, no matter what. That’s mostly because of me just loving outdoors and gardening (plus the people are pretty great, too). Even when I was young I would love to be outside and pick flowers for my Mom and help my Grandma with her garden. So when Susan gave me the job I was overjoyed and it has not failed to show how great it is at the farm. And I hope to have many more summers here at Small Frye Farm!

Elsa Leyhe

Hi, I’m Elsa! This is my third summer at Small Frye Farm and it is a fantastic place to work. I will be a Junior at Luther College in Decorah Iowa studying psychology and neuroscience. Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies and I am excited to continue to enhance my garden knowledge here at the farm. While I am home for the summer I enjoy working on Small Frye Farm because of the fresh air, fun work, and awesome people. It is such a beautiful place to work and enjoy nature, with a great view and beautiful flowers. By working at Small Frye Farm I have grown to a have a greater appreciation for organic gardening and I am grateful to Susan Frye for her dedication to growing healthy, organic food.

Addy Kling

Hi my name is Addy! I graduated from St. Ambrose University three years ago with my bachelors of science in biology. I am currently pursuing a degree as a physical therapist assistant at Black Hawk College. I have been working at Small Frye Farm going on 9 years.  Throughout the years I underwent many surgeries due to a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  I enjoy working at Small Frye Farm, because I love the outdoors and the people I work with! Also, Susan understands that I have physical limitations/restrictions and there are lots of things I can’t do, but allows me to do what I can!

Leigh Anne Moeller

The fresh air, sunshine (occasional rain) and physically strenuous manual labor attracted me to the farm.  I have been working summers at Small Frye Farm since 2015.  My co-workers are awesome and I look forward to spending quality time in the peaceful farm fields of eastern Iowa with them.  I am married to Dan and we have 4 children: Cody, Andrea, Nick and Erika.  My September through May job is preparing and serving lunch at Davenport North High School. I am a breast cancer survivor, praise the Lord.  Outside of work our family enjoys bicycling, yoga, paddle boarding and long walks on the beach.

Anne Moore

My name is Anne Moore. I am married to Ryan Moore and we have three children; Grace, Odin and Atticus. I currently work at Cafe on Vine, a free food site in Davenport, Iowa. The Cafe on Vine is where I first learned about Small Frye Farm because of the many produce donations that Susan gives to the Cafe.  I have a bachelors degree in elementary education and will be returning to the classroom this fall as the lead  preschool teacher at Holy family Teddy Bear. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved exploring the outdoors and playing in dirt. Working at Small Frye farm has enkindled that passion once again. I started working at Small Frye Farm in 2016 and this year I became a member to the CSA.

Robbie Eginton

Robbie Eginton graduated from Harvard in 2016 and nowadays writes, cooks, bikes all around town, and helps run the Iowa City CSA!