Thanks for taking the time to meet the people who make small frye farm so special.


Addy Kling

Last year I graduated from St. Ambrose University with my bachelors in biology. I am currently in a PTA program at Black Hawk College.  I have been working for Small Frye Farm going on 7 years.  Throughout the years I underwent many surgeries due to a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  I enjoy working at Small Frye Farm, because I love the outdoors and the people I work with! Also, Susan understands that I have physical limitations/restrictions and there are lots of things I can’t do, but allows me to do what I can!


Shelly Kling

My name is Shelly Kling, i have lived in Donahue for 28 years, I’m originally from McCausland. I’m married to Keith, we have 2 daughters, Alyssa and Addy. I am a member of McCausland United Methodist Church, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Donahue Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, currently serving my 10th year on the board of the Southern Wapsi Girls Softball League, Donahue Softball Town Rep. In my spare time I love to watch softball, camp and tinker with old trash to treasure, “repurposed items”.

I am currently in my eleventh year of in home care, for the elderly. I met the Frye family about 8 years ago, when I began caring for Susan’s mother Helen, in her home, we had 5 wonderful years together. During that time I got to hear stories, see pictures, and learn about the history of the Frye Family Farms. I am currently in my my fifth year working at Small Frye Farms. I enjoy working at Small Frye Farms, because I enjoy getting outdoors.


Sam Frye Kienzle

Hi, I’m Susan’s son, Sam.  I have been working at Small Frye Farm since 2007 doing landscaping, gardening, planting and any dirty or heavy-lifting jobs that need to be done.  I love walking around the vegetable gardens in mid-summer and eating my daily requirements of raw vegetables.  I also love observing some of the odd, unheralded flowers on vegetable plants.  And I always find myself counting bees…we like them here at Small Frye Farm.  When I’m not on the farm, I’m a sports radio producer for an ESPN affiliate in Cedar Rapids.  I also enjoy reading news stories, working out, and doing celebrity impressions.  I have a bachelor’s degree from The University of Iowa, graduating in 2011 with a degree in Geography and specializing in Environmental Studies.


Ramona Wild and Chrissy Delveau

Ramona Wild

I have lived in Eldridge for almost 40 years. I have one son and two daughters and three grandsons. I belong to the Methodist Church in Eldridge. I worked in sales for 35 years and then started doing home care-which I loved doing.

My husband of 33 years died in 2011. I became very depressed. Thanks to my friends and children and good friend Shelly Kling (who said, Come on. I’m going to get you a job out on a farm.), I called Susan Frye the same day. I think she saved my life. Three years later I’m still pulling weeds and planting seeds. I tell her she saved me and is my guardian angel. I love the girls I work with and being outside each day. It’s a good thing.

Chrissy Delveau

I live in Donahue, Iowa. I’m number 8 of 9 children. I go to Sycamore Baptist Church. I’m a freshman in high school and have been home schooled my whole life. I have worked at Small Frye Farms since April, 2015 and so far I’m learning a lot. I enjoy working at Small Frye Farms because I have a strong interest in gardening. I enjoy working with everyone. It’s a pleasant and fun environment. Why I wanted to work here was because I was wanting to learn more about gardening.


Leigh Anne Moeller

Hi. My name is Leigh Anne Moeller.  I am married to Dan and we have 4 children: Cody, Andrea, Nick and Erika.  My September through May job is preparing and serving lunch to students at Davenport North High School. This is my first fun summer working for Susan at Small Frye Farm and I love it. I enjoy working on the farm: the fresh air, sunshine (some rain) and physically hard work. My co-workers are absolutely the best. I look forward to going to work every day.


Devin Taylor

My name is Devin Taylor . I have lived in the Q uad Cities my whole life and love it here. I enjoy spending my time playing  outside , whether it’s biking or playing frisbee golf. The most enjoyable thing for me at work is learning practical skills like gardening plants , and the exercise isn’t bad, either.


Elsa Leyhe

Hi, I have lived in Davenport Iowa for eleven years and I started working on Small Frye Farm last summer. Since then, I attended Luther College as a freshman and I will continue my education there next semester. I am currently undecided on what I want to major in, but I have always loved being outside and gardening. While I am home for the summer I enjoy working on Small Frye Farm because of the fresh air, fun work, and awesome people. It is such a beautiful place to work and enjoy nature, with a great view and beautiful flowers. By working at Small Frye Farm I have grown to a have a greater appreciation for organic gardening and I am grateful to Susan Frye for her dedication to growing healthy, organic food.


Martin Leyhe

I’m Martin Leyhe. I am 16. I have lived in the Quad Cities sense I was six. I go to Davenport Central High School, where I play soccer, run cross country, and swim. I also snowboard and mountain bike. In the past, I have played the accordion, viola, piano, and percussion. Lastly, I consider myself to be an aspiring aquascaper.


Kanghee Lee

I’m 18, grew up in Irvine, California and I live in Lakeville, CT. I went away for a semester to a nature school and fell in love with farming and being responsible for our impact on the Earth. And I met you on a plane and decided that I wanted to work on your farm for the summer.


Marisa Bloom

Hi, I am Marisa Bloom. My daughter and I moved to the Quad Cities nine years ago, and are finally calling this river community home. Born and raised in Central Iowa, my love for gardening, and the nature world, was cultivated by my dear grandmother, Loretta. She is still the person I call with questions I have in my garden at home. First associated with Small Frye Farm as a CSA member during the 2014 growing season, I immediately feel in love with the farm, and more importantly, the beautiful people that live there. This growing season, I am grateful to spend part of my time each week under the sun, and in the dirt, out at the Small Frye Farm. The rest of the work week I can be found at the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Scott County, where I have been employed for over five years. My work there, in general, aligns itself with Social Work and Human Services. I find enjoyment in travel, music, delicious food, and being surround by my fabulous daughter, super cute pooch, and the wonderful friends and family we are support by.

Super cute pooch, Chico, featured in photo above. 🙂


Robbie Eginton

This summer, Robbie Eginton is working an internship that involves long hours in the library almost every day, and can’t think of a better way to spend Thursday afternoons than learning the names and qualities of flowers, herbs, and organic produce among friends. Robbie loves books, tomatoes, and whistling.


Shifra Gassner and her son Isaac

I am a science teacher at large. Since my son and I moved to the Quad Cities six years ago from New York City, I have completed a science endorsement at Scott Community College and a master’s degree in science education through Montana State University. I have taught science and created curriculum for any number of organizations in this community including The Family Museum, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach of Scott County, the Jewish Federation, ATEEC (Alternative Technology Energy and Environment Center) associated with Scott Community college, various Davenport schools, and the Davenport afterschool enrichment program Stepping Stones. I have most recently been known as Mrs. G who pushed into almost all the first and second grade classesrooms in the Davenport school district to teach “Growing in the Garden” a farm to table curriculum sponsored by the Iowa State University Extension. As soon as I meet Susan and Mike, I immediately became involved in their various projects, the CSA being one of them. Working on the farm gives me an opportunity to continue learning about plants and how they grow and how best to include project based learning and service projects in my bag of science education tricks. The farm also gives me an opportunity to expose my son to the natural beauty in the world.


Brianna Durkin, Sam Saletko, Makayla Buck and Brianna Farrarc


Brianna Farrar

Working for Small Frye Farm has been an amazing opportunity. I am learning daily. One of my favorite things about the farm is the atmosphere, everyone is very welcoming and sweet and they don’t mind answering any questions. It really is a beautiful place and that manages to shine through each and every item that leaves the farm. Finally a job I enjoy going to!


Bri Durkin

Hi, my name is Bri, and this is my first summer working out on the farm. I really love the biology of plants, health, and the environment. I love being at the farm because enjoying the sunshine, and being a small part of an industry I fully support, is really awesome! I feel blessed to be around such a positive group, and the physical work brings strength, learning, and character building. I feel only more certain that the living things in this world are to be cherished and taken care of after being out here. There is nothing like witnessing the beauty of the life process firsthand.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking, reading, running, yoga, and live music. I’m planning a life ahead full of travels, forever experiencing whatever new adventure life wants to bring my way.


Makayla Buck and Sam Saletko (pictured)


I am from Naples, Florida and I am attending Carthage College in Wisconsin in the fall and playing football. I play center and I love playing football and power lifting. I like working on the farm because I get to spend time with my cousins and it’s generally just a good time on the farm. I am also a follower of Christ.

Danielle Schaffert

Marisa Bloom

Claire Waterman

Jacob J Stubbs