Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

dear friends and customers of small frye farm,

it’s time to start thousands of seeds in the basement in preparation for spring planting at small frye farm (sff). this is the sixth year for the sff csa, and the 2015 growing season will be as unpredictable as past years.

the 2014 growing season was the best we’ve had in over a decade, and nearly perfect. thus far winter has not been as cold as last, but there has been good snow cover. the drought of previous years is gone. i have come to accept that weather patterns are abnormal, anomalous, and fairly extreme. what is predictable is that we can expect increasingly variable weather.  despite the climate, the farm and gardens are beautiful, sustainable, and life-giving, and that keeps me exhilarated and impossibly happy.

for those of you who are new to the small frye csa, our vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers are organic and non-GMO, and nearly all the edibles are heirlooms (as are many of the flowers). this season, we will have a variety of tomato, carrot, bean, arugula, pea, chard, leek, parsnip, kale, lettuce, spinach, edamame, eggplant, sweet pepper, hot pepper, radish, squash, jerusalem artichoke, asparagus, melon, currant, strawberry, sorrel, basil, parsley, lavender, tarragon, rosemary, nasturtium, oregano, mint, savory, chive, dill, sage, borage, thyme, and a multitude (approximately 50 varieties) of seasonal cutting flowers. i am continually expanding the perennial flower and herb beds, and planting more fruit trees and bushes.

this is how the csa works: iowa city customers pick up their flowers (one bouquet per subscriber or full share) and food every thursday between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. in our driveway at 816 river street, iowa city. quad city customers come out to the farm at 11150 new liberty road (two miles east of maysville on highway 130) to pick up theirs every sunday between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. i will provide baskets, and your flowers will be arranged in a vase (vintage, of course). my husband, mike kienzle, will serve a beverage and snacks, and we love having people come and stay a while.

dogs and kids are always welcome at both locations.

if you are unable to pick up at either location, let me know and i will get things delivered to you. each week, bring back your vase and another arrangement will already be prepared for you. please let me know if you need delivery service on a regular basis.

this year, the fee for one share in the vegetable-flower-fruit-herb csa is $550.00, same as last year. the fee covers the entire season, weekly, from april/may to october/november (i don’t have split shares or two seasons). start and end times are weather-dependent.

please send a check to me at 816 river st., iowa city, ia 52246. if you are unable to pay all at once, up to four installments are fine. if you want to subscribe, please let me know by replying to this email as soon as possible, and send me a check, because the subscriptions are limited and fill up quickly. please make sure i have your email address and cell phone number. mine is 319.936.1216.

remember, if you can’t make it on pick-up day or plan to be out of town, send a friend or neighbor in your place! your weekly share should never go unused.

weekly, on wednesdays or thursdays, i send out an email letting you know what you’ll be receiving. if, for some reason, you don’t hear from me, it is because i literally ran out of time or had computer failure. it is not because i have cancelled. (i cancelled once in 2011 because we had a spring freeze, and i notified everyone.)

feel free to email or call with questions or to reserve your spot. also, if there is a favorite food you would like me to grow, tell me. i’m happy to expand the inventory.

i’m ready!