pg-frHistorically, the farm had a sizeable cherry, apple, peach and apricot orchard, with impressive raspberry and grape arbors. Until the early 1960s, Susan helped her mother and sisters can and freeze the vegetables and fruits harvested from the farm. Most of these cultivars died out over the decades and Susan has been reestablishing the fruit farm for the past five years. Currently, the farm annually raises a variety of heirloom melons. Blueberry and currant (red, black, white) bushes were planted in 2012. While the currants have become early producers, the blueberries are still being established. Cherry, peach and apple trees were also added in 2012. A strawberry patch was laid in 2013. Raspberries have continued to grow wild for decades and are now replenished annually with various heirloom varieties. Apricot and pear trees were planted in 2014.

Fruit bearing trees and bushes are netted in late spring to prevent damage from the voracious appetite of the Popillia japonica (Japanese beetle).