Today will be the last day for flowers as we expect a hard freeze on Saturday. I have no quibble with the garden blossoms this season. They performed outstandingly all the way to October’s end.

We will cover some things for the freeze but not the tomatoes. The vast majority did not ripen because we never got the heat, humidity and sun they require. Despite a frost/freeze, the CSA should continue into November. However, with erratic weather we’ll have to play it by ear.

In addition to leeks, today you’ll have Goldy squash, Garlic Chinese chives, catnip; lime, dark opal, and Genovese basil; smooth German and red Russian kale; sage, perennial wild petunia, culinary parsley, gaillardia, cosmos, peppermint and spearmint, sorrel, Russian sage, calendula, native grasses, dill, cilantro, Pak choi, mustard green, sedum, zinnia, collard green; Clemson Spineless okra, Kellogg Breakfast tomato, Sicilian Rosso tomato, Martino Roma tomato, Mexican Midget tomato, mixed lettuce and spinach greens (on Sunday), arugula, Ten Commandments and other gourd mix, Tat soi, Scarlet Ohno Revival Turnip, Des Vertus Marteau turnip, Celestra radish; Satsumaimo, Jewel, and Hannah sweet potato; Ostergruss radish, Swarzer Runder radish; Boro F1 and Early Wonder Tall Top beet; mini red, mini yellow, mini chocolate, Napolean Sweet, King of the North, Habanero and Shishito pepper.

Thanks for everything!