First things first: Please come to Mike Kienzle’s art show opening OUTSIDE THE LINES, tomorrow night, 6-8, Hudson River Gallery, IC. He’d love to see you.

Today you will have Garden Sunshine and Shishito peppers (these are sweet peppers but the little purple cayennes are extremely HOT), Jack Be Little pumpkin, Goldy squash, Garlic Chinese chives, catnip; lime, dark opal, and Genovese basil; smooth German and red Russian kale; sage, perennial wild petunia, Chinese watermelon radish (saute these as they require heat to soften and bring out their flavor), culinary parsley, gaillardia, cosmos, peppermint and spearmint, sorrel, phlox, borage blossom, Russian sage, calendula, native grasses, dill, cilantro, pak choi head, mustard green, sedum, zinnia, collard green; Taverna Haricot and Maxibel Haricot bean, Clemson Spineless okra, Kellogg Breakfast tomato, Sicilian Rosso tomato, Martino Roma tomato, Mexican Midget tomato, mixed lettuce and spinach greens, arugula, Ten Commandments and other gourd mix, Waltham Butternut squash, Midori Giant and Shirofumi soybean; Tat soi (delicious Asian green), Scarlet Ohno Revival turnip, Celestra radish, Hannah sweet potato, sun choke (Jerusalem artichoke), Ostergruss radish, and Swarzer Runder radish.

One of today’s nosegays pictured below. See you soon. Thank you for your business.