There’s no question that this season is our biggest Forrest Gump Box of Chocolates ever (you never know what you’ll get). Our third crop of green beans will finally produce a harvest and they’ll be ready soon.

As will myriad types of heirloom tomato. The okra are just coming in now and are delicious and beautiful.

I committed serious squash error today and harvested several green butternut squash, thinking there were the Delicata. So, whoever gets them, just cut them up, dip in egg and bread crumbs and sauté. They’ll be very good!

Today you will have garlic Chinese chives, catnip, lemon and lime thyme, French thyme; lime, dark opal, African and Genovese basil; smooth German, red Russian and lacinato kale; nigella, lemon balm, sage, beet green, perennial wild petunia, cherry belle radish, mixed Greek and Italian oregano, rosemary, lavender, gaillardia, achillea, hosta, cosmos, peppermint and spearmint, lovage, sorrel, phlox, borage blossom, pineapple sage, Russian sage, calendula, gladiolus, Queen Anne’s lace, heliopolis, coreopsis, brown-eyed Susan, pak choi head, mustard green, collard green; miniature white, bushy, lemon, and Poona Kheera cucumber; Benning’s green tint summer squash, echinacea, hydrangea, coriander bouquet, early wonder and tall top beet, and early Clemson spineless okra.

Below are Kumi, Cheryl and me displaying summer earrings, and makings for the perfect stir fry.

Iowa City folks, see you later today. QCA, see you on Sunday. Thanks for your support and interest.