Another bad storm last night with a tornado in the area. Things are kind of beaten up but much more produce has come in this week.

Today is a beautiful day and you will have garlic Chinese chives, lemon balm, smooth German kale, rocket arugula, sage, mint, cilantro, assorted iris, spirea, rhubarb (from my neighbor Jim, not chemically treated), chamomile (put the flower buds in tea and salad), pearl radish, French breakfast radish, salad mix (Bloomsdale longstanding spinach, rainbow chard, Italian narrow Tuscan kale), baptisia, Vera Frye 1921 iris and peony, columbine, azalea, rhododendron, wild geranium, sorrel, catnip, American onion chives, and Solomon seal.

Iowa City folks, see you soon. QCA folks, see you on Sunday. Remember, if you are ever in the other county and you want to stop by at that CSA, please do.

Some photos below of today’s florals and our latest adoptee Celeste.