Unsurprisingly, I am running late at the farm, and in getting this newsletter out. We had a serious storm last night with 2-3 inches of hard rain, some flooded fields and damage to tulips and iris.

But today is a beautiful day and you will have garlic Chinese chives, lemon balm, smooth German kale, rocket arugula, sage, mint, cilantro, tulip, iris, spirea, mock orange (Philadelphus), columbine, azalea, rhododendron, wild geranium, allium, sorrel, catnip, fothergilla and Solomon seal.

Next week the radishes, lovage and spinach should be ready. We are planting continuously as soon as the soil dries out.

Iowa City folks, see you soon. QCA folks, see you on Sunday. Remember, if you are ever in the other county and you want to stop by at that CSA, please do.